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Reproductive Services

Cascade Veterinary Hospital encourages all breeders for both small and large animals to work closely with an experienced veterinarian while breeding their animals. This can ensure that your pet can breed multiple times safely before retiring to the life of a family pet. We recognize that breeding can be a profitable business if done properly. Our doctors will help you in safely inseminating a female, whether it is natural or artificial, to ensure as little harm as possible to the mother. Our staff will help you during the pregnancy to keep the mother healthy and growing at a safe rate with her babies. Once delivery of the litter is imminent, our staff will guide you through the process of helping the mother deliver her babies in a warm, clean and comfortable environment.

Some breeds of dog are unable to deliver their babies naturally and Cascade Veterinary Hospital can perform a caesarean section (C-section) if necessary. The veterinarian, using the latest techniques in a sterile surgical room, performs the surgery.

Cascade Veterinary Hospital also offers reproductive services to our clients with large animals. We offer the latest techniques in embryo transfer for our equine patients. This procedure entails a fertilized embryo taken from a broodmare and placed in a surrogate mare. Once the foal is birthed, the surrogate mare will tend to the foal as if she was the true mother. Our doctors will provide services from insemination to delivery as well. We are very experienced in complicated births such as premature births, macrosomia, multiples and breech births.