About Us

Larry Bardroff, DVM

Hello! My name is Dr. Bardroff, and I am the new veterinarian here at Cascade Veterinary Hospital, but I’m for sure not new to the clinic as I have been here for 10 years now. I first started working here, cleaning kennels, when I was a junior at Cascade High. After I graduated from Cascade High School in 2008, I went to Cornell University where I majored in Animal Science, with a concentration in dairy production. I also received a minor in education during my stay in upstate New York. During my summers off, I continued to work at Cascade Veterinary Hospital as a veterinary assistant, receptionist, and wherever else they needed me. Also, during part of my breaks, I worked for a few dairies in upstate New York, as well as worked for the Hatcher Family Dairy in College Grove, Tennessee. After graduating from Cornell, and before starting veterinary school at the University of Tennessee, I worked at a 10,000 cow dairy in Southern Georgia. While in Knoxville, most of my interests involved large animal and production medicine, but I also tried to balance that with small animal experiences as I truly enjoy working in a mixed animal practice. There is just something about not knowing which animal species you are going to see next, and that two days will never be alike that just gets my goat. While in veterinary school, I continued to work at Cascade during all my breaks. During my clinical year, I continued to gain experience in small and large animal medicine, including a 4-week internship in Argentina. By the end of my clinical year, I learned that I have a special interest in ruminants, but more specifically in ruminant hoof trimming. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy small animal internal medicine.

While a lot of this bio revolves around veterinary medicine, I also love to spend time with my wife, who I met in veterinary school and is also a veterinarian. We met our first year, got engaged our second year, and got married our third year of veterinary school. Though my life revolves around veterinary medicine, as you can tell since I married a veterinarian, I also enjoy working on the farm that includes peacocks, llamas, goats, and whatever else happens to show up. Outside of this, my wife and I are active in Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church where we enjoy serving the Bedford County Community.