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Pain Management

Animals suffer from pain just like their human counterparts, but they will rarely show that they are in pain. Pain is very hard to diagnose; however, you might notice these signs:
• Loss of appetite
• Whining while eating or sleeping
• Lethargic behavior
• Limping or holding paws close to body
• Aggressiveness

The Cascade Veterinary Hospital doctors are experienced in diagnosing pain and in treating pain pharmacologically. Pain is usually separated into 2 categories: acute and chronic. Acute pain is classified as a sudden onset of pain most likely due to trauma, surgery or sudden illness. Pain medication and sedatives are usually prescribed to keep the animal from exercising too much and to allow them to rest while healing. Chronic pain can be due to age related issues such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and even cancer. Low dose pain medication, steroid treatments and rehabilitation exercises are recommended to keep your pet relatively pain-free and its quality of life at a high standard.