Our Services


Veterinarians are not just animal medical doctors, but also highly skilled and trained surgeons. The veterinarians at Cascade Veterinary Hospital perform a variety of surgeries such as:

• Neuter & Spay
• Tumor resection and removal
• Caesarean section
• Trauma repair
• Orthopedic repair
• Exploratory surgery

If surgery is indicated for your pet, several measures will be taken to ensure a safe and positive outcome both during and after surgery. This may include diagnostic testing such as x-ray and ultrasound, blood work to check kidney and liver function, and a physical examination by the veterinarian. Your pet will be given anesthesia with constant monitoring of vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rates. This entire process is known as the pre- operative stage. During surgery, the veterinarian practices the latest sterile techniques and uses extensive knowledge and skills to surgically repair your pet. Once your pet has come out of anesthesia, it is brought back to a comfortable room where it is kept warm and pain-free. Some animals will be required to stay for a night or two at Cascade Veterinary Hospital to make sure that our medical staff can address any complications that may arise.

You may leave with your pet at the earliest clearance from the veterinarian and take it home to heal amongst family. We generally schedule a post-op appointment where stitches or staples are removed and your pet is discharged from our medical services.