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Radiography and Ultrasound

Standard Radiography

The use of diagnostic tools in the veterinary industry is essential to providing efficient and accurate treatment. Cascade Veterinary Hospital offers diagnostic services, such as radiography, ultrasound, and an on-site laboratory. Radiography is more commonly known as x-ray. By using x-ray technology, our staff can identify bone fractures or breaks, organ size, pneumonia, and tumor locations. Taking an x-ray image of your pet may involve sedation for the more nervous pets. Radiation exposure is kept to a minimum, protecting your pet and our staff.


Cascade Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer ultrasound examinations among its diagnostic services. This sets our clinic apart from others because not only can we confirm certain x-ray findings such as enlarged organs or cancerous tumors, we can also closely evaluate the function of the major organs and the development of fetuses in a pregnant female.

An ultrasound is a type of high frequency wave that is emitted from a machine in pulses. These pulses will echo back to the machine and the echoes form a picture that our veterinarians can use to identify tissue texture, cystic formations, solid masses, organ size, and vascular functions.

Cascade Veterinary Hospital performs their own ultrasound examinations, meaning that if your pet needs this exam for a full diagnosis we do not need to wait for a contract company to come in to complete the ultrasound. Your pet will receive immediate and accurate care rather than having to wait for an appointment at a later date.