Our Services

Large Animal

Our specialty hospital provides general medicine to your large animal pets and livestock, as well as specialized services such as embryo transfer, bovine hoof services and haul-in services.

Equine Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer allows the production of foals from older sub-fertile mares. Performance mares can produce foals while they are still in training. Embryo transfer also gives you the option of gaining more than one foal from a single mare in a given year. Your valuable mare will be able to produce many more foals than would be possible through traditional breeding.

Bovine Hoof Care

Lameness in cows is frequently related to compromised or unbalanced weight-bearing surface. Overloading the cow's claw due to excessive wear or overgrowth can create a claw that is sensitive, unstable and more prone to lameness. The Cascade Veterinary Hospital doctors will check and possibly trim your cow's feet for the restoration of proper weight bearing and early identification of claw lesions.

Not all cows examined will require trimming, as over-trimming can result in greater incidence of lameness.

Haul-In Service

Our haul-in facilities allow large animals to be efficiently cared for in a safe, convenient environment. We are dedicated to quality health care for your animals and provide a full service facility to meet their needs.