Our Services

In-Hospital Diagnostics

Cascade Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer the most comprehensive diagnostic lab available in veterinary medicine to our clients. In the past, blood work had to be sent to an outside diagnostic laboratory for analysis, but our instruments provide results within minutes so treatment can begin immediately.

Complete Blood Count (C.B.C.)

One of the analyzers at our hospital is a complete blood count (or C.B.C. ) unit. This instrument can give our doctors an accurate red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet count. An increase in red cells can indicate dehydration or disease: decreases may indicate anemia. An increase in white cells can indicate stress or leukemia, while decreases may mean inflammation or bone marrow failure. Platelets can indicate how well your pet's blood may be able to clot in the event of surgery.

Blood Chemistries

The blood chemistry analyzer at Cascade Veterinary Hospital gives our doctors valuable information regarding organ function. Blood diagnostics are extremely important in veterinary medicine, especially since our patients can't tell us where they are hurting! Liver, kidney and pancreas function can quickly be determined in our laboratory. Evaluating these functions prior to surgery is crucial in determining how well your pet may process anesthesia. Blood chemistry testing also helps us pinpoint problems that might not be ascertained during a physical exam. Finally, electrolyte levels can be checked to determine if your pet may need fluid administration due to an accident or during a surgical procedure.