Our Services


Cascade Veterinary Clinic will be there for your pet from the start of life until the end of life. Our staff knows that many pets are like family members and that, when faced with a pet that is sick and dying, choices on continued treatment can be hard. Just about all of us have had to make these decisions ourselves. While difficult and sometimes heart-breaking, our experiences enable us to better help our clients through these difficult times.

Once you and the veterinarian have come to the decision that your pet's quality of life is unalterably diminished, Cascade Veterinary Hospital is willing to administer euthanasia to your pet. Medicines are administered which slow down breathing and finally stop the heart. The entire process is painless and peaceful. You may stay with your faithful friend throughout the process or ask us to stand in for you. If you would like more information on this very humane treatment for terminally ill pets, please call us.

Cremation services are offered by several reputable companies. These vary in price range depending on whether you opt for the return of remains and, if so, what sort of container you chose. We will be happy to facilitate this for you. Please be assured that your beloved pet's remains will be treated with respect.