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Heartworm Testing

Heartworms are parasites that are passed to dogs by mosquitoes. They are found in all 50 states, but are most prevalent in the southern United States due to mosquito populations. Heartworms enter the bloodstream and settle in the heart chambers where they mature. Once grown, they can spread to the great arteries of the body and affect your pet's cardiovascular health. Heartworm positive dogs eventually experience difficulty breathing and decreased physical activity. We can test for the presence of heartworms quickly, easily and economically.

If your dog tests positive for heartworms, our veterinarians will place them on an intensive treatment plan. Unfortunately, treatment for heartworm infections is costly and requires limited activity for months for your pet. This is exactly why Cascade Veterinary Hospital promotes the use of preventive medicine for heartworms. These preventive medications come in several forms, including topical applications and tasty treats.