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A pet grooming itself is generally normal behavior; however, it has a potential to develop into a hurtful habit if your pet suffers from dermatologic diseases. Many of today's pets have developed allergies to food products, medicines and even fleas. When your pet has ingested or been bitten by a parasite, it may start to exhibit excessive biting, scratching, licking and even whining. This is not normal and should be addressed by the doctors at Cascade Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible.

The staff at Cascade Veterinary Hospital is well equipped to examine, biopsy, evaluate and treat many dermatologic issues that can affect your pet's quality of life. From rashes and bumps to lick granulomas, our doctors will do their very best to heal your pet and develop a plan to prevent more problems from occurring. Our hospital carries a wide variety of hypoallergenic products such as foods, treats, shampoos and topical ointments. If your pet suffers from flea allergies, we will help you choose the right preventive flea treatment for your pet.